Sunday, 21 January 2007

Another (Red) Brick In The Wall - we need a Yellow Brick Road

I'm sure that most of us in our thirties or beyond will remember Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall". I was listening to it a few moments ago, and remembered the picture of the wall being built from the video.

I believe that the last ten years have been ten years of building that wall - a wall of oppression; a wall that, brick by brick, removes our freedom. The picture I see is the 3000 new criminal offenses that Blair and Brown's presidential-style government have imposed on us, the people. Not only this, but they have even started flouting their own rules - rules about party fund raising, and Mr Brown's magic ratio's for the economy.

Rather than those 3000 or so bricks, we need, not a wall, but a road. Yes.. it's another song. Let's follow the Yellow Brick Road.

Rather than Tony's red bricks forming a wall, we need a path to follow, one that sticks to values that are enduring and enable us to have a world that works, rather than a world that gets worse.

Our Yellow Brick Road is a road that protects freedom; holds people to account for when they infringe of the freedom of others; gives choice and control back to local communities; removes red tape and most importantly, requires accountability and transparency in the people we allow to represent us in our government.

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