Thursday, 6 December 2007

Nick Robinson - Missing the point yet again!

"Cash for what?" says the BBC's Nick Robinson.

It's simple: "cash for status quo Thatcherism", that's what!

How can someone ask that question over a £600k donation? Yes, as one comment points out, it's the "you owe me" for some point in the future, but really it's more about someone maintaining the party spending race that is becoming like the US primaries.

Whatever party large donations are given to, it's:
  • cash for low tax for the wealthy
  • cash for giving the wealthy and large companies more control over planning and economic policy than local people
  • cash for keeping the poor enslaved by the rich
It's no surprise that the Liberal Democrat's are now the most socially progressive party, prepared to reign in the rich.

Why? Not only because the members of the party form the policy instead of some elite cabinet, but also, it has to be said, because they'd lose out far less than Labour and the Tories, who'd lose their huge donations from Lord "how did I get a peerage" Sainsbury and Lord "I'm not a tax exile, really!" Ashcroft.

It's time we ended this farce of a a supposed democracy and took back our control from these wealthy donors!

At the moment, it's only the Liberal Democrats that can be trusted on real reform:
  • reform of party funding to place limits on individual donations
  • reform of our voting system to make sure that every vote counts, not just the swing voters in marginal seats
  • reform of local government, putting funding and control back with the people instead of where it currently is: Whitehall.
  • abolition of the Dti (or whatever Prime Minister Bean renamed it to)

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