Saturday, 13 August 2011

Think someone else is to blame for the riots - take responsibility - it's us!

The media and politicians (and the odd controversial historian) are pronouncing here there and everywhere on the cause of the riots.

It all seems to be about what we should do to or for the 'yoof' of today.

Well. "Bollocks to that" is what I say.

If you think you can sit comfortably feeling all innocent, then let's ask a few questions.

Do you park your car on the verge without any real need, just because it's become a habit?
If you do, that is vandalism. It's damage to public property we all share. No wonder people drop litter.

What about litter?  Drop any recently?

No? So far, you're squeaky clean.  Let's move on.

How about speeding? 

How often do you drive faster than 70 on a motorway in the wet, or drive far too close the the car in front?

If you do, that is reckless endangerment.

Okay... let's go a bit further.  Do you support a 'Premier' league football club?  What example to their players set to our youth?  Well... if you give them money, you're helping finance their ways.

Do you buy newspapers or magazines?  What's on the front cover?  Is it sensationalism?  Are you promoting exactly what these kids end up looking for: to be 'noticed'; to be big against feeling small.

Perhaps you are a policy maker of some sort, suggesting that children need to be 'educated' by testing them to hell so that all but a 'smart' few feel big and the rest need to find some other way to feel 'okay'.

The point here, is that those of us sat pronouncing on the 'yoof' are the example they follow, and the example we set is crap.

So, I say.  Before you take the authoritarian approach looking for how we can control the situation, instead, look first at how you might already control it far more than you're comfortable admitting.

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